Star Career Academy Has Closed

Star Career Academy would like to thank all of the students, employees and community partners for their support of our mission over the years. See the Press Release Here.


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Graduation and Transfer Information

Hundreds of Star Career Academy’s current students at the time of its closing had completed sufficient hours and coursework to complete their programs and will be graduated. Any students who are eligible for graduation will be contacted directly by a Star representative by November 23 to inform them by phone and confirm their mailing addresses to send transcripts.

For all other students, Star has been in touch with a number of educational institutions that have invited students to complete their studies at these other schools. A list of institutions that have offered to evaluate Star students’ transcripts and eligibility for transfer is available here.

Transcript Information

Student transcripts will not be available at the local campus. For a copy of your transcript, please email

Please include the location of the campus you attended, your full name, date of birth and current address in your request.

Recent Catalogs

Some students may benefit from having access to recent course catalogs as they seek to transfer credits to other institutions.

Accreditation and Acceptance

Star Career Academy has been accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, and Star’s accreditation has been recognized by U.S. Department of Education. The school’s closing should have no impact on the certifications, transcripts or other credentials Star has provided to students and alumni. As always, acceptance of credit by any institution is up to the discretion of the receiving institution.

Student Loan Information

We will be performing the required Return to Title IV refund calculations over the next 30 days. Once that process is completed, you can begin your application for student loan discharge.

Closed School Loan Discharge

Star Career Academy hopes that you will be able to continue pursuing your educational goals at another institution. However, if you are unable or choose not to do so, you could be eligible for a discharge of your federal student loan. Additional information and application forms are available from the U.S. Department of Education at

Certification Tests for Star Graduates

Star graduates who have not yet completed their certification tests through the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) may still do so by going to Click on the appropriate certification test link, complete the application and registration, and follow the instructions for locating the testing center. Additional information on NCCT certification testing is available at or by calling 1-800-875-4404.

Additional Information for Students Attending a New Jersey Campus

Information on school closures is posted on the website of the State of New Jersey’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development at

You may contact the agency in writing or by telephone at the following address:

  • New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development
  • Center for Occupational Employment Information
  • Training Evaluation Unit
  • John Fitch Way, PO Box 057
  • Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0057

Additional Information for Students Attending a New York Campus

The New York State Education Department provides information on school closures on its website at

You may contact the agency in writing or by telephone at the following address:

  • New York State Education Department
  • Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision
  • 116 West 32nd Street, 5th Floor
  • New York, New York 10001
  • (212) 643-4760

Additional Information for Students Attending a Pennsylvania Campus

The Pennsylvania Department of Education, State Board of Private Licensed Schools, maintains a list with the location of closed school records at

You may contact the agency in writing or by telephone at the following address:

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • Postsecondary and Adult Education
  • 333 Market Street, 12th Floor
  • Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333
  • (717) 783-8228

How to Obtain Your Records

We are happy to provide you with a copy of your official transcript. We are working with our regulators to finalize the location of your full student academic record. Please be patient and check back on our website for new details. We are committed to updating the web site regularly with new information.