Our Philadelphia Campus occupies approximately 51,000 square feet and houses classes and clinical laboratories, including a simulated operating room. Each classroom is supplied with program-specific equipment such as electrocardiography or dialysis machines. Culinary students use a dining room and three commercial kitchens that are equipped for quantity cooking, baking, and food preparation. Adjacent facilities serve the Paramedic program with life-saving equipment and the Cosmetology program with equipment used in professional beauty salons. On-site computer laboratories serve students in our Medical Assistant program.

Members of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation.
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Our campus offers programs in Allied Health, Culinary Arts, and Continuing Education. Click a link below to learn more about our programs.

Commercial Cooking

Medical Assistant

Surgical Technology

Paramedic Training

Professional Baking & Pastry

Professional Cooking

We also offer…


Single Baking

Single Culinary

“Star was more than just a classroom education, through clinicals in the field I was able to get hands-on experience to practice and perfect the same skills that I use every day as a member of Fire Rescue. Star also guided me to my first job in EMS, I will always remain grateful to Star because it was the starting point for what has been a very rewarding career.”

-James Smith, Star Academy EMS Program graduate

“I had a fun time learning loads of material on EMS, preparing me perfectly for EMS field. I was able to find a Paramedic job soon after and now I am working for TUH T3 where I continue to grow and improve my clinical skills at the critical care level. I will strongly recommend this school to any student who wants a real and high quality training. Thanks Star Career Academy and I’ll be back for CE’s and TA’ing when I can!”

-Benjamin Iga, Star Academy Paramedic Program graduate

To learn more about whether or not Star Career Academy is the right choice for you, complete the form below and one of our friendly Admissions Representatives will contact you right away. You can also call the Philadelphia campus directly at 215-969-5877 or email us at infophiladelphia@starcareer.edu.

If you need financial assistance to attend Star, you can visit our Financial Aid section to learn more about the different options available. You can also call us directly at 732-451-9710 or email us at infophiladelphia@starcareer.edu.

You can also check out our Financial Aid Resources.

Star Career Academy in Philadelphia is proud to offer several additional courses serving students in Allied Health, Emergency Medical Fields, and Culinary.

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Star Career Academy is proud to be accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). In accordance with ACCSC policies, we have collected graduation and employment data++ for our graduates. Please click here to see this data for our Philadelphia campus.

++Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) Placement Rate Methodology
ACCSC requires schools to report the placement rate of graduates employed in a training related field. Graduates must have completed the program within 150% of the stated program length. The placement rate reported to ACCSC reflects the performance for a specific segment, campus and program for a specific time period.

Employment Rate = (Graduates Employed in Field*/Graduates Available for Employment**)

* Included in this number are students whose training allowed the graduate to maintain the employment position or supported the graduate’s ability to be eligible or qualified for advancement.

**ACCSC allows for the exclusion of the following categories of students from the placement rate calculation:
• Further Education: Graduates that are furthering their education in an accredited institution of higher education (postsecondary) on at least a half-time basis.
• Unavailable for Employment: Graduates who fall into one of the following categories: death, incarceration, active military service deployment, the onset of a medical condition that prevents employment, or international students who have returned to their country of origin.

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Getting To Star’s Campus

We are directly right next to the Social Security Building and in the Northeast Shopping Center- the same plaza where Chuck-E-Cheese, Marshalls and Dollar Tree are.

There is parking available right in front of the building.

Need detailed directions? Call us directly at (215) 791-8879.

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